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Event Logistics

what has changed since Covid?

changes to our hiring policy are hopefully temporary and we hope to be able to take bookings for private parties and gathering in the future in the meantime we are constantly changing/updating to ensure things are safe for all who use the facility, we have the QRcode for everyone to sign into the NHS track and trace app when they arrive. watch our health and safety video through the link below for more info on waht has been added. 


How do I gain access to the Hall?

This will be arranged prior to your event. You will ordinarily be met by hall staff who will let you in and go through procedures with you.

Can I get in early to setup?

Yes, but setup time must be included in your booking period - for example, if your event starts at 7pm, you should book the hall from 6-6.30pm to allow time for setup.

Do you take bookings for teenage parties?

Unfortunately we're unable to take bookings for teenage parties, including 18th & 21st birthdays.

What about clear-up time?

If you need an hour to clear up, this time must also be included in your booking period. This is especially important for evening events as the Hall MUST be cleared of all people and closed up by 11pm (midnight Friday and Saturday) in compliance with our council operating licence. This is an iron rule and has to be rigidly enforced by the Hall staff. The Hall closing time is actively monitored by the Council and the fines for non-compliance are substantial.

Please also allow for the time that other service providers (DJs, catering and bar staff) will need to clear up - if in doubt, ask them. We suggest closing the bar and kitchen at least 30-45 minutes before the end of your event. DJs typically require about 30 minutes to dismantle and remove their equipment.

For events finishing at midnight, the bar should close at 11pm and the DJ should finish by 11.15pm

If you want to leave clear-up until the next day, please discuss this with the Hall Manager well in advance to ensure that the Hall is not already booked for that time.

Where does the rubbish go?

For daytime events, see the Hall Manager. For evening events, all general and catering rubbish should be secured in the black bin bags provided and left in the kitchen or hall vestibule for Hall staff to handle.

Please make your own arrangements to remove recyclable materials - for example, bottles and cans from the bar.

Does the Hall offer a post-event cleaning service?

Yes - please ask the Hall Manager for details.

Does the Hall setup all the tables and chairs for us?

Room setup for private events is the responsibility of the hirer.

Will the Hall decorate the room for us or provide decorations?

Room setup for private events is the responsibility of the hirer.

Does the Hall provide table coverings and other linen?

This is the responsibility of the hirer.

Can I advertise my event?

Yes, we'd be happy to share your event on our website and Facebook page. Please discuss your requirements with the Hall Manager. Please note that there are local and county bylaws regarding posters in public locations and fines may be levied for infringements.

Can we put catering services, marquees etc. on the outside patio area?

Yes - but please discuss your intentions with the Hall Manager before arranging anything.

Can we use the playing field and leisure facilities (such as the children's play area) around the Hall as part of our event?

These areas are owned and managed by the Parish Council. Individuals are welcome to visit these areas but the Hall Management has no authority to grant permission for specific, organised activities. If you want to use these areas please contact the Parish Council - the Hall Manager can provide details, or see their website: Barnham Parish Council Web Site.


Can you provide cups, plates and cutlery?

Yes. Please discuss your requirements with the Hall Manager.

Is there a water heater for drinks?

Yes, there is a wall-mounted, self-filling unit and a traditional urn.

We're providing refreshments at our event - does the hall supply the tea, coffee, milk, biscuits etc?

Unless other arrangements have been made during the booking process, you will need to bring all your own supplies.

Are there fridges in the kitchen?

There are two fridges and one chest freezer.

Do you have a microwave oven?

Yes, there is a domestic-size unit for low-volume use.

What cooking facilities are available?

There is a catering-grade oven and a six-burner gas hob.

What other facilities are in the kitchen?

There is a plate-warming cupboard and a catering-grade dishwasher.

Does the Hall provide dishcloths and tea towels?

For hygiene reasons these must be provided and removed or disposed of by the hirer.

Do you recommend any caterers?

As a rule we do not recommend specific caterers as the choice is often very subjective and based on individual tastes and needs, however we do have contact details for caterers we have historically used. The Hall does provide a basic catering service for buffet-style events.


Is the bar fully stocked?

If the Hall runs the bar for you we will stock it in accordance with your needs. If you are running your own bar you can provide your own stock or we offer a wholesale service - please ask the Hall Manager for details.

Do I need a licence to run a bar?

 The hall has a license to sell alcohol on the premises where we run the bar. However if a third party seller is running the bar then they must hold a personal licence and the licence number must be given to hall management prior to the event. They will need to fill out a form too. Please ask the Hall Manager for details. If alcohol is to be consumed and not sold, then the hirer is ultimately responsible for ensuring responsible consumption and that it is not provided to underage persons. there is a supplementry alcohol form for event involving alcohol connsumption. 

Can I use a third party company to run my bar?

Yes, subject to approval. The Hall Manager will need to see proof that the business has valid public liability insurance and a current licence.


Can we have a bouncy castle or other inflatables in the hall?

Please discuss your intentions with the Hall Manager. If agreed you may be required to sign an insurance waiver and complete a risk assessment.

Can you recommend a entertainer or other service for my event?

The Hall does not promote or recommend individual companies or services.


What electrical outlets are available?

All event rooms have ample, switched, double-gang power sockets.

Our event needs a PA system / sound / lighting - can you supply these?

The Hall has a selection of basic PA equipment for hire (speakers, and fixed microphones) At this time the hall does not have any fixed lighting booms or bars.

Can I play music from a CD player, MP3 player etc. during my event?

Yes. If you need to hire a speaker system from the hall, please ask at the time of booking so we can confirm what lead you will need for your device. 

Does the hall have free wi-fi?

The hall offers a guest wi-fi service on request on a per-event basis. Please ask for details.

I'm bringing my own lighting and sound gear - what power is available?

Please discuss your equipment and power requirements with the hall well in advance. All electrical equipment brought in must be PAT tested.

Is there a three phase power supply in the main hall for sound and lighting equipment?

Yes, but as above, please discuss your equipment and power requirements with the hall well in advance.